Welcome to my 50-before-50 blog

So, at the time of typing, today is 20th May 2019. Which means that in precisely 18 months time it will be my 50th birthday. Which is either pretty depressing, pretty terrifying or pretty bloody awesome – it depends which way you look at it. At the moment I’m very much rooted in the first two categories, but I’m hoping that come 20th November 2020 I shall be firmly ensconced in the latter. How is that going to happen, you may ask yourself? Well, dear reader this is where my Bucket List kicks (although for future purposes I think I’ll just call it my List – sounds a lot less closer-to-death).

Yes, between now and 19th November 2019 I plan to compile a list of 50 activities do in, or approaching, my 50th year to help ensure I celebrate this landmark birthday in the way it deserves. With positivity, gratitude, a sense of adventure, lashings of style and more than a soupcon of gin.

So over the next few days/weeks/months I shall be compiling my list of 50 things. Please do feel free to add comments and suggestions. Do you have your own bucket list? Please do share it! I’m love to hear from you. Particularly when my own inspiration is lacking!

One word of warning however: although I will be setting myself challenges this is not going to be some kind of Bear Grylls adventure journal nor do I anticipate completing any marathons/triathlons/assault courses between now and my birthday. However if you’re a fan of food, drink, families and fun times stay tuned. Oh, and if you spot any typos or grammatical errors please tell me. One must maintain standards.